An exploration of Community University Partnerships

Early this year, Success4All were involved in organising and running the Regional Community University Partnership Event in Newcastle with the UK Community Partner Network.

Success4All and UKCPN

The Director of Success4All and UKCPN

Here are the reflections of the day from UKCPN.

Later in January we were in Newcastle, where we met with community partners, academics and brokers to explore how to make great research partnerships, and understand better the university landscape. This workshop drew on Cap-a-pie’s creative enquiry approach to encourage discussion and reflection on topics of interest. This saw us dancing; drawing; writing poetry; and making hand sculptures – with a view to helping us think through the things that made community university partnerships rewarding and challenging.
Starting with a stimulus, delegates suggested words that they associated with the stimulus, which we then used to help us explore how universities and community organisations can work together. We spent some time coupling one of the words we suggested with the word university – so what would the ‘family university’ or the ‘university of secrets’ be like? My favourite was created by Andrew Marchant from Mental Health Concern who chose to explore the Family University. He suggests: “Each family creates a website, with university support, to describe the knowledge and wisdom each generation has learned so that successive generations can ‘go back’ and learn/debate from the other – family wisdom.” It reminded me of the wonderful University of Local Knowledge – which curates a range of different knowledges held in individuals in our community. If you haven’t seen it – check it out here >

My lasting feeling from the event was both the enthusiasm and commitment of people who want to collaborate on research – but the huge challenge of finding the right person to get the partnership started. The UKCPN has a guide to help people think this through, and we are in the process of developing a more detailed guide that includes current initiatives.’

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Success4All have worked together with Universities from the beginning. The SCAN volunteering department at Newcastle University gave us our first ever group of volunteers in 2006. Working with Newcastle and Northumbria University is at the core of what we do. We train University Students to become Peer Tutors, as we believe that given the right environment, ‘Young People Learn from Each Other’. We do not only recruit volunteers, but have worked together on past projects such as ‘The Real Translation Project’ and ‘Spanish Textiles’ and are keen to come together for research purposes.




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