Over the summer holidays some of the children who attend Success4All Learning Hubs have been very busy.

We sent those who attended the Walker Technology Summer School away with a Holiday Booklet to complete during the rest of the summer. After finally marking all of the booklets that were brought back over the summer, Hannah was the lucky winner of £30.00 shopping voucher for correctly completing all of the 30-page Holiday Booklet with Maths, English and Science Quiz Questions.

Well done Hannah!!!

Holiday Booklet Winner!

Holiday Booklet Winner!

Over the other side of Newcastle, Saaliha over the summer holidays was the West End’s very own star due to her excellent work in school. She was selected to appear with Ant and Dec on their ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’ tour. For two days she was on stage with the stars as they played ‘Are you Smarter than a 12 year old’. She even had to guide Ant and Dec to the right answers! Saaliha had a great time and we are so proud of all her achievements. Well done Saaliha please keep it up.

Here is what she had to say . . .

“I was chosen because I was very good in class. I met Ant and Dec and I had a great time. I was the answer person and I met Ant and Dec they were really fun.” Saaliha, 10 years old.

Saaliha was not the only star from her family, but her brother Hamza also came back this academic year with the news that he has moved up 2 level sets at school, which is a massive achievement. He worked very hard last year in school, at home and in the Learning Hubs. He received his achievement award at Newcastle University, with the family proudly watching from the audience. As an award for his work he was given £10. Well done Hamza, a well deserved award.

Here is what he had to say . . .

“I am happy because I moved up 2 sets in 1 year. I am also happy because I got an award at Newcastle University which was brilliant.”

We are proud of all the children and young people who attend Success4All Learning Hubs and love to hear about their achievements both inside and outside of school. Keep checking out our blog to hear about more success stories over the year! Please see more success stories at


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