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Young People

Hussain (Millin Centre Learning Hub)


I was first introduced to Success4All as a 15 year old by my father. Having always been curious and seeking to pursue knowledge beyond the constraints of the school syllabus, I found myself instantly at home at Success4All. The room I entered had a studious yet welcoming atmosphere, an atmosphere conducive for work and achievement. All the volunteers were friendly and extremely helpful. There was never any trouble in finding help for whatever subject and everyone had time to assist in any particular fields of interest. The one to one tuition is in itself a great asset of Success4All, giving first-rate guidance to a pupil in that field. I myself can testify to the effectiveness of the schooling, having been on the receiving end of it. For the past year and a half, I have had also the pleasure of being a tutor in this programme and can safely say that it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Helping individuals overcome scholastic problems and getting to know them personally in the process creates a communal harmony that is extremely desirable and sadly lacking in modern society. The work done at Success4All is outstanding and does more than just improve underprivileged children’s academic performance, it builds a community. A community that I am proud to count myself as one of.

Luke (Walker Technology Pupil)


Success4All does a good job. It not only offers help with your studies, but also organises clubs for you to get out and make new friends.
I have been going to the Manga Cartoon Club for 2 years now and it has really improved my art work.  Coming to the Learning Hub helps me get my homework done. Doing it at home, I get easily distracted and end up doing it in bits and pieces or doing it very rushed. The student tutors are really helpful, help you find resources or look over your work or in case you are stuck, they help you with problem-solving. I can say coming the Learning Hub has improved my grades.

Christine (Walker Technology Pupil)


I think Success4All is a very good learning resource for young students;. I went to the learning hub the time I was at Walker, then I became a peer tutor myself. It helps students engage in learning through various ways, including educational games and different clubs. The work Success4All does actually helps young children with academic work as well as give them opportunities to enjoy some activities outside academia, students can get involved in summer school and clubs like language club and Manga club to widen their interest. Volunteers gain experience of work with children; so both students and volunteers benefit from it.

Success4all gave me an opportunity to work with children and I really enjoy my time working with them. I learn something new each time and I have developed numerous skills such as communication skills and skills to explain things properly and make them understandable to young students. I also gained a qualification in tutoring and I think this will be an advantage for me when I apply for job in the future.


Nazia (Graphic Design student, University of Northumbria)


I’m really impressed by the organisation. The whole concept of spreading knowledge as a favour is something really incredible! I think it’s also an inventive way of encouraging youth to engage with social activities. With the youngsters being able to interact with elder teenagers, it creates a good environment where people influence and inspire one another. It also gives us an excuse to mix generations so that we are able to understand.

Success4all give me that platform to experiment with my skills and knowledge. I feel like they gave me a chance. Without having a solid degree or any experience, I wouldn’t have thought I was qualified to teach. But because it was on a volunteer basis and because Caroline and the organisation had the confidence that we were in a position to teach, i was encouraged. The results I see off the children and the more comfortable i get with teaching, the more motivated and encouraged I am in my field. I have learned a lot about the generations and our presence, example, interaction and understanding with one another might lead to some positive influences in their future lives.  Before success4all I was comfortable with my age group and didn’t really have an excuse to get involved with the younger generation but this has given me that more opportunity and I feel like I now have a broader understanding of children.

Success4all has granted me precious experience of working with children and teaching. Since then, I have been working in workshops with children occasionally, and that experience has helped me to prepare and know what to expect.  It has also motivate and encouraged me to work more and integrate with children, so I am now trying to create opportunities and projects for youngsters which will encourage them to be positive and will hopefully bring about good changes. Also levelling up from the teaching aspect, I have been encouraged to spread knowledge on a larger scale related to other things I want to share by holding lectures educating others about my experiences and skills. Success4all has really helped me by given me that opportunity and raising my self esteem, granting me that experience and making me feel more confident and able to do things to a larger level. I really appreciate success4all and really wish for it to go far!

Emma (Young Graduate History, University of Newcastle)

Participation with Success 4 All has been one of the most valuable experiences of my student and professional life-simple as that. I first started volunteering at Walker Technology College in my second year at university. Initially it was to support GCSE history students with their coursework but it led on to working with some brilliant young people who confirmed to me that I wanted a career in education. As the sessions are about befriending as well as studying you really get to build up a rapport with the students that you work with, and the learning process is completely two way- I may have been helping with a bit of maths homework but in return I gained valuable skills working with a young person that I still heavily rely on in my current role as an LSA.
After I had graduated I was given the opportunity to co ordinate volunteers for the ‘Learning and Games’ club at Walker gate Primary School where we used games to promote key skills and literacy and numeracy. I had a fantastic year, and added yet even more skills to my CV that I simply couldn’t have accrued elsewhere; behaviour management, lesson planning, and fundraising – to name but a few! As a volunteer you are not restricted within one job role but can do as much or as little as you like, and the support you receive is wonderful.

My years with Success 4 All have truly directed my future career goals. Working with children and young people from a whole variety of backgrounds has driven me to want to work closely with those with special educational needs and more complex behavioural needs. Even though I now work full time at a local secondary school I still like to keep up to date with how the organisation is doing, and would recommend them to anyone wanting a completely worthwhile volunteering experience.


Caroline (Mother of David, Deborah, Elizabeth)

They are doing a great job. They are encouraging young adults and giving the opportunity to gain confidence and to grow as a young adult. Successes 4 all truly live up to their name and understand the needs of the young adults they work alongside.

David started in April last year, he was having problems with literacy and confidence to present his English work to teachers. I didn’t have enough money to get him some private tuition, but Caroline told me about the Young Writer’s Club at the Millin centre. So I started taking David and his sisters there. After a few months of Young Writers, David’s confidence went from strength to strength. He was also able to present his work correctly and at a good standard. Also having the confidence to present it to his teacher and even had the confidence show off his work to other students and start writing stories.

Also Deborah and Elizabeth and David also looked forward to the Summer School because they were able to show off their talents in dance and other things. And they were able to do a whole range of different activities. Also they were able to make new friends.

Mrs Roka (Mother of Luke and Abigail)

I think the Summer Schools are fantastic, they are great for the kids, especially for Luke. He has learnt to mingle with other young people, and to make new friends,. It’s the same for Abigail, it’s a really nice mixture of people from different backgrounds, they gain confidence and they learn also different things, they see different things, they go to different environments.

It’s just a fantastic opportunity for them, and Luke has now also joined the Manga Cartoon Club and he loves it. His GCSE Art work has come on in leaps and bounds. I would love to make the summer school longer, make it two weeks perhaps, we really liked the performance at the end of the week that the kids showed the parents on what they had been doing for the week and what they had been involved with.

Success4All is a fantastic organisation and I hope that they are able to continue organising the summer schools
every year.


Mike Collier (Head of Walker Technology College)

I am writing in recognition of the outstanding contribution Success4All has made to the Curriculum at Walker Technology College since our partnership was formed in 2006.

Walker Technology College serves an area of extreme deprivation and increasing cultural diversity. It is an area where curricular solutions do not follow a one size fits all model. It is an area where education is
equally as much a pastoral as an academic experience. Success4All have embraced and built upon this dynamic from the outset and as a consequence their creative approaches and flexible delivery to study support have added significant value to the life chances of many of our young people. Attendance at the Independent Study sessions has continued to grow since its introduction in November 2006. The room is a hive of activity each evening after college with all age ranges and all subjects being catered for with high quality undergraduate and adult support. The club has been commented upon by Ofsted in previous inspections and good practice visits as being a model of good practice.

Caroline Afolabi brings great leadership and a wealth of contacts from the wider Newcastle community to Walker and is always willing to offer solutions to issues we face. Success4All have worked with the full age range of our community from outstanding Summer Schools with our feeder primary schools right the way through to offering targeted support for A-Level students. Caroline is also expert at attracting project based funding that adds greatly to student outcomes, a prime example of this being the Manga Cartoon Club whose work was professionally published recently. Caroline is also the consummate professional, always ensuring College policies are followed and all safe-guarding aspects are fully met at all times.

Steve Gittins (Head, Tyneview Primary)

Success4all ran a German club, a Spanish club, an Italian club, an Italian Cooking Club in our school, and children from our school were also involved with the Young Writers Club in Walker Library. Children from our school also like to partake in the Summer Schools which are held at Kids Kabin.
The pupils of my school really enjoy the impact that Success4all had, it had something different to offer to both children and the parents, and I would love to continue with Success4all with the project in some capacity as I feel it had the potential to engage both parent and pupil in a different way of learning. We would like to thank S4A for introducing us to these different projects.

Louise Flemming (Walkergate Primary, Parent Support Assistant)

Our school has had different clubs organised by Success4all, and they have all been really great. The French Club, the parents and the children thought it was a great resource and found it tied it very well with the French that they were being taught in school. The Italian Club, the parents and children didn’t want it to end, they were very sad when it came to an end. They had a great time, Antonio was a fantastic tutor, and we would definitely like to take up the Italian Club again.

The Learning and Games Club that Emma organised for a year for the pupils who were struggling in Numeracy and Literacy, the year that Emma put in there , the children are now still thriving, they are more confident in both Numeracy and Literacy, they loved Emma. The African Workshop , that took place during the day to tie in with our African continents, the children loved it and the teachers did too, they learnt quite a bit by trying on the clothes, tasting the different foods, and listening to the music.

The Summer School was fantastic value, and all that took part really enjoyed themselves, they all wished it was a lot longer and we will definitely be using it again. The Polish Day, organised by Claudia, it was really well organised, she gave a brief description of the history and geography of Poland, she was very hands on, Claudia herself dressed up as the stalk which is the national symbol of Poland and she had some awesome crafts and activities planned and they absolutely loved it. For the Young Writers Club, 11 of our students took part in it at Walker Library, and again they really enjoyed it and were very proud of the stories that they wrote.

Community Organisations

Will Benson (Manager, Kids Kabin)

Success4All has had Summer Schools at Kids Kabin for over 4 years. These weeks have provided fun, varied and challenging activities for children and young people from a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The young people who have taken part have spoken about learning new skills and understanding more about other cultures
and people. A key strength of these Summer Schools is the central involvement of volunteers who plan and run all the activities. Their energy and enthusiasm is a key factor in making the week a success.

Success4All has also worked in partnership with Walker Technology College, Kids Kabin and Sue Woolhouse, a glass artist, to produce a 3 metre tall by 3 metres wide glass panel telling the history of Kids Kabin. I would like to thank everyone at Success4All for their support for Kids Kabin and young people in Walker, congratulate them and wish them all the best in the future.

Pat (Nigerian Christian Youth)

What is your opinion on Success4All and the work it does?
We only have the experience of the summer school but we think it is an excellent programme. Our young children and young people look forward to it every year. Every year there are a variety of different activities, and the opportunity to do activities they have never done before. Our children really like the Journalism workshops, and the Young Writers workshops where they learn to film people and interview people, and in the end they put together a little broadcast and make a DVD.

It is also an opportunity for our young people to meet other young people outside of their own groups, from different schools and also from different backgrounds. For our older young people it gives them a chance to volunteer, to learn new skills, to build their CV’s, and also to give something back to their community as well. They find it a privilege, as it’s a very positive project and it benefits them in many ways for them as individuals and as a group.
You can be reassured that we will be taking part again next summer.

Joyce (The Hub, Westgate Baptist Church)

What is your opinion on Success4All and the work it does?
I have been coming to the Millin Centre, to the Success4all Learning Hub for about a year and a half and I am constantly surprised and impressed at the attendance, and commitment of the students and the children who attend. With the right amount of activity and friendliness, it makes the atmosphere what it is.

How the families and children benefit from this?
There is a great mix of cultures and ages, who attend, the children interact very well with each other, in an atmosphere that is none threatening and which encourages learning. There is a lot of shared learning going on, the parents also talk to each other, and I have talked to other parents too, and have learnt about their lives and experiences. The boys that I bring are the children of an Afghani single parent and refugee, she benefits from having a couple of hours break from the children, every week as the children receive excellent support in their studies.

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