‘A Little Bit of Japan in England’

This year our Japanese Club continues with our Learning Hub Coordinator Mike. Mike is currently running Code Club at Kids Kabin, but continues to practise his Japanese language skills and cultural ways by passing it on to the next generation at Walker Technology College every Thursday.

Club Members

Club Members

After he was granted funding from the Japanese Foundation he was able to organise a trip that would help engage the students with their learning. On October 25th, they went to the Japanese school in Washington. This run’s every Saturday to provide lessons for Japanese children from all over the North East. On the day we visited, the school was having an open day, which included a sale of Japanese books, games, food and drink.



The club members were able to practice talking the Japanese they had learned, and they had a go at origami – the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. They made shurikens, cranes and even a Pooh Bear, all out of colourful paper. Next the group went to the cafe, and tried some authentic Japanese snacks – rice balls with seaweed (onigiri) and boiled soya beans (edamame). It wasn’t what they’re used to eating in Newcastle, but one student liked the seaweed rice balls so much that she bought more to take home with her!

The club members finished off by having a go (and winning) at hoopla, visiting the craft stalls and browsing the Japanese magazines, manga comics and books. It was good to experience a little bit of Japan in England, and they hope to visit again some time in the future.

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