Introducing our new Learning Hubs at Success4All!

Here at Success4All, we are proud to announce two new Learning Hub locations this year. These are situated at Westgate Primary school and Thomas Walling Primary school.

Our Hub at Westgate Primary is like our other Learning Hubs where tutoring takes place. The Hub is open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30 – 5 pm. The children take part in group circle games after school finishes to have a break before tutoring commences at 4pm.

The Hub at Thomas Walling Primary school is slightly different to our other Learning Hubs that offers the children different extra curricular activities. On a Tuesday the Hub is open from 3:30-4:30 pm to KS1 children. On this day we run arts and crafts activities where the children can have fun with their creative side. In recent activities they have made things such as fidget spinners and rain makers, and we have even done a science experiment with spaghetti towers! This week the children will be making Christmas cards which will be given out to the governors of Thomas Walling Primary in the run up to the festive period. The Club is lead by Olivia ( who used to go to Thomas Walling herself, and has been recognised by some of the teachers who used to be hers! Construction, music and science experiments are just a few of the things that the children have been getting involved with on Tuesday here at the Club.

In addition, on a Thursday, Thomas Walling offers one of our Code Clubs for the KS2 students. Although we have been running Code Clubs for several years now, this was the first time at Thomas Walling and the children have been having lots of fun whilst learning how to code. In recent weeks they have been using a programme called Scratch, which involves learning to code using a visual programming language to make games and animations! Check out some of their creations here:

We have loved being in two new Primary schools and we hope to continue to support the children with their studies and extra curricular activities for a very long time!




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