Wonderful Walker Geography Club!

One of our fantastic volunteers, Maisie Buckley, has recently started a Success4All geography club at Walker Technology Centre! Maisie is a geography student at Newcastle University and has set up the club as her self initiated project for her career module, she wanted the club to focus on natural hazards, which is part of the Key Stage 3 national curriculum. To fund the club Maisie raised £180 through fundraising activities and a further £300 through the O2 Think Big grant.



Inspiration for the children’s designs!



The club began on Monday the 13th of March, this week the focus was on earthquakes; their causes and their impact on infrastructure, buildings and humans. The children were shown a video about the causes and effects of earthquakes, the video also showed them what can be done to make buildings more resistant to earthquakes. The children used their own imagination, with help from the video, to create their own earthquake-resistant structure from cocktail sticks and marshmallows!



The Geograpy club will also be running a field trip to Tynemouth over the Easter holidays on Wednesday April the 19th!

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