The Girl and Her Genius Dog by Millie.

We encourage the children and young people of the learning hubs to be creative and imaginative and encourage them to read and write. S4A has ran a Young Writers Club for a few years to engage children in story writing – please see the Young Writers page on our website

We’re very proud of the creativity of the students and would like to share with you a piece of work. . .

One day, there was a girl. It was Christmas Eve and the girl was in her bed. Waiting for Santa to come down the chimney and a put a present under the tree.

The next morning the girl was so excited that she woke up so early so she could open her presents. The girls name was Rosie. Rosie ran downstairs, when she got downstairs she heard a rustling.  She went into the sitting room. When she went into the sitting room there was a small box in front of her.  It was wrapped in red doggy wrapping paper. Then her mother and father came down.

She ripped open the present and there in front of her she found a cute little cuddly puppy! It barked out loud to Rosie and then jumped out of the box into her arms. The little puppy started licking Rosie’s face. She giggled and said ‘I’m calling…… SNOWFLAKE.’

Snowflake and Rosie became the best of friends, they did everything together. They slept together, they played together, and they even ate together. They were that close. Rosie was very sad one day, because she wanted Snowflake to come with her to school as well! But her parents Melissa and Paul said “Sorry Rosie, a school is no place for a dog to be.”

Rosie thought different. She thought if she disguised her dog as her ‘sister’ Snowflake could come to school with her. She found a dress, a wig, socks, shoes and some glasses. Snowflake looked so intelligent, and it worked, the teachers didn’t even recognise her as a dog, they thought she was a new student.

The teacher sent Snowflake to the top of the class. Snowflake was so amazed of what people were like. She enjoyed herself so much at school, and Rosie was as happy as she had her best friend with her all the time. They went to bed like normal that night, but while she was sleeping a fairy called Rosa belle Clinton came into their room. Rosa belle hovered over Snowflake and said “Whatever you wish the most I will grant it for you now.”

She waved her wand, habba dabba dosey, the wish was done. But what was Snowflakes wish?

The next day in class the teacher asked Snowflake a question, “Snowflake, what is 520 minus 345?” Snowflake perked up and said “Sorry Miss, but I don’t know the answer right this second because it is a secret. A secret is a secret you can’t tell anyone. “

Everyone gasped out loud, because this was the first time that Snowflake had talked! A girl from the back of the class, named Isabella Randy but her hand up and said “I always thought that Snowflake was non speaker!”

Snowflake turned to Rosie, and saw she was crying. Then Snowflake said “Rosie what’s the matter? Was Miss mean to you?”

“No, she wasn’t I’m just happy that you can talk!”

From then on they were so happy and everything was normal.

Millie, aged 8.

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  1. Milly hedley February 24, 2016 at 10:07 pm #

    My story is very nice I may have a few errors but I did not care I was only eight years of age.

    From the author itself milly

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