Tanya’s Story

I have been volunteering with Success4All for many months now and it’s been an amazing experience so far as I have developed as a person.

I have found that balancing school with volunteering adds a responsibility to your day to day life. This is because you have to plan ahead for your tutees and the sessions at the hubs around your own schedule. This has motivated me to become more organised in order to balance all of my responsibilities. The skills I have developed through this include: time management, coping with my workload, increased confidence and much more.

I have achieved my targets and above in my A-levels since the beginning of the year. This has motivated me to continue with my success and try harder. Volunteering has also done this as it’s pushed me to find the time for all of my responsibilities. I believe that volunteering has had a positive impact on the way I view education as well as how it has helped me to develop new skills that have led me to this success.

I was introduced to Success4All by my cousin who worked there. I started as a tutee where I got extra help with my school work. After my positive experience with being a tutee, I decided to volunteer myself at Success4All so that I could help young people with their education.

Tutoring has been a platform that has helped me to build the skills I need for my future. This helped me to socialise with others in a professional yet relaxed environment through communicating with new people including parents, other tutors, tutees and the coordinators. In this community I feel I have been able to expand my level of confidence through the responsibilities I have been given such as calling and e-mailing to contact different members of Successs4All.

I didn’t expect to be able to interact with my tutees as well as I did. This was because I lacked confidence before I started volunteering here, however, I feel much more comfortable with my role as a tutor now. I feel that I set an example to the tutees as I find they look up to me as a role model.

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