Tanya – Volunteer in the Spotlight

Tanya has been volunteering at our Elswick Hub since the start of this academic year.

Recently, she has reached the milestone of collecting a total of 100 hours in volunteering. This vInspired award congratulates her on the success of being a committed volunteer making an impact in her community.

Here is what Tanya had to say about her award:

Why was this important to you?

This was important to me because I wanted to do something for our society and to help make it a better place. Helping young children in this organisation has helped me do that as I believe education brings about a big change. Educating young people will have a good impact in the future.

How has volunteering impacted your life?

Volunteering has had an impact on my life as I am able to see life in a different perspective. Working with a range of people from all different backgrounds has helped me gain and expand knowledge as you learn new things. It has been a rewarding experience as there is a sense of feeling that I have had an impact on someone else’s’ life whether that is small or big.

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