Success4All’s Super Statistics

Success4All are very proud to share with you statistics from our first half term (September-October 2013) which has taken us into our 8th year!

In the months of September and October, 82 learning sessions have been delivered in our 6 Learning Hubs.

A total number of 245 learners, between ages 8 and 18, registered with Success4All since the start of September. Over the first half term, children and young people have visited us 991 times and have been supported by 50 volunteers, who have run 362 tutoring/befriending sessions! 14 parents supported our Learning Hubs too with 78 tutoring/befriending sessions.

We have also seen an increased involvement in our Clubs.  Since the start of the first half-term, S4A ran 6 clubs: WEYDA, Junior Apprentice, Japanese, Portuguese, German and Simply Handwriting.

58 children and young people showed their interest by registering and attending 226 times over 20 sessions.  10 volunteers  and 3 parents supported the clubs.

We are very pleased with the number of interest from children and young people, parents and volunteers for the commencement of our eighth year. We have been happy to see old and new faces join the Success4All community and the numbers only keep growing as we’re approaching the end of the second half term.

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