Success4All Secret Ball 2014

Since the beginning, Newcastle University has been an integral part to the running of our Learning Hubs. Student Community Action Newcastle (SCAN) of the University of Newcastle was very supportive of the project and provided the first ever seven volunteers. The volunteers received induction training in tutoring, aspects of mentoring and safeguarding and they were CRB-checked and helped run our first two Learning Hubs for three months!

Since then the University has kept supporting us, and every year we offer students taking the Career Development Module an opportunity to volunteer with us. They can take there pick from peer tutoring and club leadership to social marketing and fundraising and events or even database and financial development. This year had 11 Career Development Students; 5 for social marketing, 2 peer tutors and 4 for finance development.

The module has allowed us to take on some very talented individuals and this year one of our social marketing and fundraising volunteers organised and ran a Success4All Secret Ball to help raise funds for our 2014 aim to get all our Learning Hubs digitally connected. This is what Suziee had to say . . .

‘As part of the Career Development Module at Newcastle University, I began volunteering with Success4All. The placement has been extremely beneficial for me, I was gifted with the opportunity to gain experience in whatever area I desired to develop, while also helping a worthy cause!

One of the most beneficial experiences I have gained from the module placement was being given the opportunity and the freedom to arrange a fundraising event of my choosing. I decided to arrange a secret ball; the idea behind the secret ball was sneakily stolen from a company in London who arrange secret dinner parties in unknown places around London. To us the idea was novel and exciting so we decided to make our own version in ball form. Arranging the ball was a delight, there were so many charming venues in Newcastle to take our pick from, old church halls, function rooms galore, and warehouses! We finally decided on the Royal Station Hotel, swayed by the chandeliers and Sunday roast option! We decided upon a shabby chic theme to echo the age of the venue, after that we were to be found uprooting our recycling for all the old jars and scouring our dusty book shelves for vintage wonders to create our table decorations.

The event went better than we could have imagined, everyone turned up suited and booted, looking fabulous and showered us with pleasantries of how lovely the event was. Throughout the night guests enjoyed a lovely Sunday dinner and soup before taking part in some group games that got everyone out of their seats, revealing  some peoples competitive side, tossing their shoes aside to allow for optimum glory potential. After that the attendees took part in a raffle with prizes, including £20.00 meal vouchers, free haircuts and movie vouchers. Once the formalities were over the DJ took over the night, guests were found dancing the night away till the lights came on (unless they were found posing for the photographer with animal masks and feather bowers). It’s safe to say the Ball was a great success and we managed to raise £540 all together! The money raised will go towards getting all our Learning Hubs digitally connected in our attempt to prevent the unjust educational attainment gap from widening. It was also a great opportunity to gain many ridiculous photographs as memorabilia!

All in all doing my Career Development Module with Success4All has been a significantly rewarding experience which has not only improved my CV but has also been a genuine pleasure to carry out!’

Volunteers play a very important role here at Success4All and we would like to thank Suziee, and all the volunteers who have supported us currently and in the past.

If you would like to donate money or your time if you have an innovative fundraising idea, please get in contact with

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