Success4All does coding, rockets and robotics with Go Volunteer!

As part of our Easter and Summer holiday clubs this year, we ran coding activities where children and young people learnt how to build and code sensors, gadgets and robots with Lego WeDo, Lego Mindstorms and the BBC micro:bit.

At our Easter Study Support Club, we focused on coding and programming with robotics. Children and young people learnt to build 2 different robots, writing code to instruct the robots to move and respond to their environment.

Working hard on building those Lego robots!

Lego WeDo robots included a crocodile who would eat your hand if you got too close to it and a lion who could stand up and roar in the presence of its dinner! 

During our Summer School, we thought about the equipment used on spaceships and satellites to measure useful and important things about space. We learnt how to code and control BBC micro:bits to record temperature, acceleration of our ‘rocket’ and send that information ‘back down to Earth’. Then we sent our ‘spaceship’ to the top of the church roof to test out our space-sensing gadgets!

Coding the micro:bit to measure acceleration of our rocket

Learning about coding, programming and digital skills is becoming a hugely important skill for young people to have, so we would like to give a big thank you to Go Volunteer from Newcastle University for enabling us to add these projects to both our Easter and Summer Clubs!


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