STEM visit to Northumbrian Water

STEM challenge 3 was all about water and how we can safely get it to our homes. Across the 6-weeks the groups, based at Walker Technology College and Excelsior, tackled challenges in the transport, filtration, power and treatment of water.

‘I’m moving support so that the piece can be a little higher so there’s more gravity. The pipe is quite flat right now.’ ‘It will give the water momentum.’


On week 6 of the challenge, Northumbrian Water invited us to visit the sewerage works on the Hendon Dock in Sunderland. We were given a tour of the site and talked though the different processes that took place. This included looking at how the sewage water is cleaned so that it can go out to sea.

One of the children said: ‘I was surprised because you don’t really think about this.’                                                                               


One parent said that their child came home and was able to describe the whole sewerage process in great detail!

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