STEM Challenge programme

Our 6-week STEM Challenge programme is now up and running for both of our primary school teams at Walker Technology College and Excelsior Academy.

Building paper aeroplanes at Walker Technology College…


…and at Excelsior Academy!










Our first challenge is all about testing and choosing the best design for an aeroplane, to see which one can fly the furthest and carry the most weight. The teams have 5 weeks to develop their design and try out a range of materials and modifications before presenting their final model to a team from REECE Engineering during our week 6 trip to Armstrong Works, the REECE site on Scotswood Road, at the end of the project.

Can these paper aeroplane designs carry weight?

Children in year 5 and 6 from local primary schools have joined our STEM Challenge teams and will receive an AQA Skills Award for taking part. Discovery and investigation are key to all the STEM Challenges, meaning young people will lead this project and get stuck in altogether.

The Excelsior STEM Challenge team…


There will be several different challenges throughout the year and each will focus on different aspects of science, technology, engineering and maths. Each challenge will be linked to a real life challenge that a leading North East company is currently facing.

…and the Walker STEM Challenge team!




The trip on the final week will be a company site visit where children will have the opportunity to speak to those working in STEM careers and discover some of the amazing work in STEM that is going on right on our doorstep here in the North East.



Keeping track of the results – an important part of any STEM investigation!

The STEM Challenge programme is supported by the REECE Foundation and the Platten Family Fund.

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