Simply Handwriting to simply improve your grades

Nowadays, young people’s keyboarding skills are better developed than their handwriting skills; however academic intelligence is measured by what one is able to write down on paper during exams. This is an issue that really concerns us at Success4All. Handwriting training and practice can raise exam marks by an average of 30%, which is why Simply Handwriting is our latest addition to S4A learning clubs.

We have developed the club on the basis of the publication Better Handwriting for Adults by the National Adult Literacy Agency of Ireland including a diagnostic test and remedial techniques. Our Simply Handwriting club will help build clarity and speed when writing, for those students who believe they have lost marks in an exam, either because the writing was too difficult to read or too slow.

We are beginning this learning club on Friday 8th November at one of our learning hubs located at Walker Technology College. The club is set to run every Friday, where all children and young students of the school are welcomed, as well as their siblings and parents.

We believe this is a great step in the right direction, especially when singular (and possibly up to two hour) end of the year GCSE examinations are replacing modular examinations throughout their GCSE years. One of the major aims of Success4All is to provide children, young people and their families with facilities, advice, guidance and information about the education system. We are the gap between school and home, so when the education system changes, we provide opportunities to succeed with those changes.

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