School doesn’t have to be out for the summer!

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Success4All runs a learning hub at Walker Technology College after every school day and additionally has run a summer school at Walker Technology College for the second year in a row. 155 children registered for the summer school and we had an excellent turn out.

Success4All believe that it is important to keep children’s minds stimulated during the summer holidays so that they are more than ready for September! Success4All’s purpose of running a summer school for children transitioning from year 6 to year 7 is to give children an insight into their future school life; from their route to walking to and from school to meeting their potential friends and teachers.

For two weeks, children would arrive at the school at 8:45am until 14:45pm. The children would start the day in their form groups doing numeracy and literacy activities before moving onto other subjects that changed from day to day such as textiles, drama and Spanish! The children then choose their afternoon activity, whether that be sport, baking or film, to give them an opportunity to mix with other children who aren’t in their form groups. As well as being able to meet a lot of their potential teachers, the children also got the chance to get to know the peer tutors of Success4All who they will also be seeing around in September in the learning hubs after school.

At the end of both the weeks Success4All organised a day out. In the first week the children got to experience the delights of Gibside. The children went around the grounds of Gibside playing an enlarged game of Cleudo and finishing the sunny day with outdoor fun and games. In the second week the children had a great time bowling and playing arcade games with the teachers and volunteers the day after an awards ceremony for attendance and success was ran.

The summer school was a great way to get to know the children and for the children to know us and each other. The children were great and we met some brilliant characters. We would not only like to thank the children for their dedication but also the teachers and volunteers who gave up two weeks of their summer holidays to help out. Success4All believes in developing a great rapport with the community in which it works, and the summer school is a great way to build that rapport with staff, volunteers and the children. It is also a great chance to meet and get to know the parents and families as the summer school welcomed the siblings of year 7 children throughout the summer school, as well as inviting the parents for fun and games on both Thursdays.

To all those who won’t be year 7s anymore but loved summer school,we are giving them the chance to join us as student volunteers to help run the summer school! In this way, we are not only helping the children with their education, but are giving them an early start to getting the experience that they need to stand out from the rest.

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