S4A on Santa’s Nice List after Success of First Half Term!

With only two days to until S4A breaks up for Christmas we wanted to share with you our success stories.

We have been missing a few long-standing volunteers this term that this September ventured off to University and employment. With the experience they gained from Success4All one volunteer was accepted at Durham University to study medicine and another to study Arabic at Oxford University. Another volunteer snapped up a job at Newcastle College as a learning support worker!

Not only are our volunteers working hard but the children at Success4All have been too. We were greeted back by the children at the start of the term with excellent summer exam results. Morium received an A* for her French writing exam, Bilal reached his target and finally gained C’s at GCSE Maths and English and Dennis got an A* for his Greek speaking after receiving one-on-one tuition with our Greek-speaking volunteer. And throughout the term the good news kept on coming with Saafa getting an A* in her R.E. GCSE mock while Amaan got 7A in his History essay on the Tudors.

We would also like to applaud all the children who took make in the Junior Apprentice project this term. They came up with great designs, proved they had excellent creative skills and all have the potential to become business people with their great selling techniques. The reports on the sales will be announced in the New Year, but it is clear that without the children’s motivation, enthusiasm and dedication to the project it would not have been as successful or fun! We would particularly like to thank Miriam and Denise for using their initiative when it came to selling the products. On her own Miriam managed to raise £40 up to now with a few days still to go, and Denise raised £26 in just one day!

Of course, the volunteer’s, children’s and Success4All’s success would not happen without the attendance of the children. We have awarded four children in the East End of Newcastle and four from the West End £5 Eldon Square vouchers for their attendance this term, just in time for Christmas. After a number of sessions the children are given an award for their commitment to their learning. Many of the children are not far off the mark!

We would like to thank everyone who has helped Success4All this term and wish them a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will start the New Year with a resolution to be bigger and better!

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