S4A is joining the Digital Champion Movement.

Last week I attended a training event to become a Digital Champion. I saw the event advertised and thought this was a perfect opportunity as a member of Success4All.

Over the years S4A has realised that more and more homework is set to children through websites such as ‘MyMaths’. Although it is important in contemporary society for children to learn how to navigate a computer, it is important for society to recognise that not everyone has access to computers or the internet.

The children that come to our learning hubs and clubs are given access to computers and the internet and as a result are given the opportunity to complete their homework online. Inviting the children to our learning hubs and clubs is an attempt to fill the gap between home and school.

After attending the digital champion event, I believe that we can extend our digital opportunity to fill the gap between home and school by running a digital skills learning club for the parents of the children who attend the learning hubs. I believe this is a perfect way to develop our relationships with the parents by giving them the necessary skills and confidence to extend the learning from school and our hubs to the home.

The digital skills event taught me that over 1 in 5 adults do not use the internet and that 4 out of the 10 million who are offline are society’s most disadvantaged; 19% being adults with children. This is dangerous as more and more jobs require ICT skills, earnings can increase with people who do possess digital skills and people can potentially save a lot of money by shopping online (Digital Champion Movement, GO ON North East).

From previous surveys, parents are very interested in getting more involved with our learning hubs and clubs and a number of parents already volunteer as peer tutors. We are now looking into putting digital skills lesson plans together for this club for parents which we will run during the learning hub session alongside their children. We hope then that parents will gain knowledge about the education system and that they and their children can work together at home. Not only will it help the child but it will give the parents skills that they may have not previously occupied making it a successful future for all.

The Digital Champion Movement is part of GO ON North East who is aiming to increase digital skills in the North East to make it the UK’s most digitally skilled region. Their mission ‘is to make good things happen through digital technology, improving individual lives and strengthening local communities.’ Through offering parents a ‘Digital Skills’ learning club Success4All is going to join the Digital Champion Movement and make the communities we work with stronger to motivate and inspire other people and organisations in the third sector to do the same.



Digital Champion

Digital Champion


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