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Our Blakelaw community Learning Hub runs on Mondays and Thursdays every week after school. And every week after school our eight year old student Tahsan and his Mother Aziza have been determined to attend; only missing a few sessions in the one and a half years they have been coming. Tahsan and Aziza were the very first sign-ups that allowed us to run a learning hub at Blakelaw Community Library, and are the always the very first to turn up to every session, even joining us 30 minutes early sometimes!

Aziza joins Tahsan in the sessions, asks any questions or discusses any concerns that she has, and joins in with group activities! After introducing learning passports this year, Tahsan was the first student to receive his attendance award (£5 Eldon Square voucher) at Blakelaw last week. He was over the moon! I thought this was a perfect time to ask Aziza a few quick questions of my own. . .

‘Why did you send your child to Success4All?

To improve his English and confidence levels. Also his punctuality and his creativity.

Do you think your child is benefitting/enjoy coming to S4A?

Of course, he loves it. He comes to every session. He always wants to come here first before he wants to go home and eat anything! His confidence has definitely improved and his English has definitely gotten better, especially this year.

Would you like to be more involved with S4A (e.g. peer tutoring, running a club)?

I think I am already quite involved. I don’t just drop him off and go home. I like to come and stay at every session. I like to join in so maybe I would like to train to be a peer tutor.

What has been your/your child’s highlight of attending S4A?

Tahsan’s highlight is every day that he comes. And of course the Eldon Square voucher. My highlight is that I get to see him very dedicated.

What would you like your child’s future to be like?

I would like him to get the top results. To go to Newcastle University and study medicine like his Dad.’

Research shows that the more attention and encouragement children receive from their parents regarding their education is the most important factor affecting the level of attainment. We agree that parental involvement is key to a child’s education which is why we are in the process of starting up a Parents Online Learning Club, where they can not only develop digital skills and enhance their chances of employment, but learn how to support their child’s online learning when more and more homework is set online.  The purpose of this is to engage with the parents, in the hope it will build their confidence in helping their child’s learning. We hope they will be able to see the positive effects and encourage them to continue doing so.

If there are any parents reading this, who are part of the communities that we work in and would like to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact us at emily@s4a.org.uk. We welcome your ideas and concerns, and want to work together, with you helping us lead new ways to learn, heading towards a successful future for all. 

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