Proud of our Junior Apprentices

The beginning of the second half term sadly ends the Junior Apprentice project.

The project ran for the whole first half term and with it, the project brought lots of excitement and enthusiasm. The children gained a lot of new experiences and skills. They grew confident at public speaking when they had to pitch their product ideas to a big product company Procter and Gamble; they attained analytical skills whilst going through the process of budgeting and profit, and pushed their imagination when designing products. The children benefited from the project by gaining an insight into how hard work pays off. And their hard work did pay off as their total profit has come to £232.90!

We asked the children what they thought about the project and here is what they have to say. . .

‘I think it was good because it helped the students to know how to sell things and work with money. It was AMAZING. I want to do more.’ (Denise)

‘I really enjoyed the Junior Apprentice. I enjoyed making the cases the best and would like to make more phone cases. I might even set up my own business.’ (Danny)

‘I loved the selling part because I think I was good at it. I would love to do more things like this again.’ (Aman)

‘I think the Junior Apprentice was challenging and fun because it was a matter of selling our product to people who would think it would be good enough to be worn. Overall, I think the Junior Apprentice has shown lots of enthusiasm and I would love to do this again.’ (Miriam)

British Red Cross

As a result of the children’s positive feedback and the want to continue, the money will be put back into another Junior Apprentice project, next time with a different business task!

The project was not only a great way to engage the children, but to engage with the community during the sales opportunities. The children loved speaking to community members such as the British Red Cross, situated in the same area as some of our learning hubs. It was fantastic to witness the community supporting each other and can’t wait until next time!

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