Procter and Gamble give recommendations to our Junior Apprentice candidates!

Procter and Gamble (P&G) visited Success4All to judge and share their expert advice on the products the children and young people have designed for the Junior Apprentice project.


The money funded to Success4All meant that each learning hub could offer the children an opportunity to design, create and then sell their product idea. All centres are up against each other to boost healthy competition, with the winner being the one with the highest profit. As all are generating their own profits, they will all receive their own personal achievement awards. The children and young people are excited for the opportunity to spend the profits on things that will not only benefit them but others who attend the hub.

They will not receive the award until the end of the school year, as the leader of the project Emily Wastell, with help from Success4All, hopes to re-invest the money that is made into the continuation of the project. The project idea was influenced by the TV show ‘The Apprentice’. In The Apprentice the groups are given different tasks every week. Just like the programme, next term the children will be given another task.

P&G, who fundraised for us last year, have been visiting our community learning hubs to give the children and young people advice and guidance to improve their business plans and products that they are planning to make.

Kirstie Nilsson from P&G thinks that ‘it is brilliant that you are showing children at such a young age some really crucial life skills about business and money management. It has been a privilege to see the children have so much energy, drive and enthusiasm to succeed.’

Not only does it give them a chance to develop their entrepreneurial skills, such as design, persuasion, organisation, budgeting and team work but WEYDA (West End Young Digital Artists), another S4A club and young enterprise in the making  based at Newcastle City Learning Centre (CLC), have been commissioned to film the week of judging and recommendations. They got the chance to meet P&G and showcase their previous work.


Busola, who has been helping Emily with the running of the Junior Apprentice, would like to thank P&G for their continued help. “The children were so excited that someone outside of their community were interested in what they have been working on, and P&G’s visit has spurred the children on to complete the project.”

Now they have their recommendations the next challenge they face is making the products to sell in their community, schools, and possibly in P&G headquarters in time for the great Christmas splurge.


The competition is being sponsored by vInspired, a leading volunteering charity in the UK for young people. It was due to the hard work of Emily Wastell, a young Newcastle University Graduate who now works with Success4All, that the funding was approved, enabling her to lead the Junior Apprentice project.

‘Running the project has not only given the children and young people important and diverse skills, but has also given me new skills. Above all it has supplied me with confidence in my ideas and work as well as excellent career aspirations for the future. vCashPoint has given many young people the chance to lead their own projects and I am proud to be one of them. I believe there should be more opportunities like this. I have felt very touched by the responses of the children and hope to continue the project past their first task.’

Caroline Afolabi, founder and director of S4A appreciates the work of vInspired. ‘At Success4All we believe in young people learning from each other which matches perfectly with vInspired who’s focus is on young people and connecting them with volunteering opportunities.’

We run Learning Hubs and Clubs in deprived areas of Newcastle, offering them a relaxed learning environment in a local community building, supported by peer tutors/mentors, access to internet and to educational resources. The clubs like the Junior Apprentice are run alongside the hubs offering extra skills that they may not learn in school. This is the 8th year that S4A has been running and has expanded to six centres since the founding one in Benwell.  As the learning hubs increase we hope for clubs to follow.

Bentinck makeover

P&G have been a brilliant part of the expansion this year.  Their sponsorship allowed us to continue running their learning hub at the Millin Centre for a year, and additionally gave their own time and energy in giving a makeover to the Bentinck Residents Association Centre in Elswick, where S4A was asked to set up a learning hub by parents. We also received further support from Elswick Ward Committee and Elswick First Community.

Bentinck makeover1

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