Preparing for University with S4A!

With the time for UCAS applications fast approaching, we remind ourselves of the importance extra tuition can potentially have on the success of pupils entering their next stage of education.

There is a profound contrast between university acceptance rates of pupils from advantaged areas compared to that of disadvantaged.

The reason has been linked to a lack of affordable extra support for students in less affluent areas, something we aim to change here at Success4All.


Statistics from The Sutton Trust show that:

  • 5 Elite schools sent as many students to Oxbridge in 1 academic year as 1,800 state schools put together.
  • A young person from the richest fifth of neighbourhoods is 10 times more likely to go to a Russell Group university than a child in the poorest fifth.
  • From age 5, there is already a 19-month gap in school readiness between the richest and poorest children.

These figures reflect the UK attainment gap which is at one of the highest in Newcastle; GCSE Level in Newcastle in 2015 saw a 45% vs 72% gap between disadvantaged and affluent areas.


At Success4All, a large proportion of our volunteers come for local sixth forms and colleges and are applying to go to University. As part of the volunteer opportunity we offer a free AQA Level Accreditation in Tutoring and Befriending to help their UCAS applications stand out from the crowd. They can list the accreditation as a qualification, include it in their personal statement and it acts as a great talking point at the interview stage.


As a Tutor and Befriender at Success4All you not only help the tutee progress academically and grow in confidence but you can take control of your own progression on to higher education.  

Read more about how volunteering can benefit you when applying for University, apprenticeships and jobs > or email if you would like to register as a volunteer with us.



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