Portuguese Club

Portuguese Club started this academic year and is lead by the very charismatic Annabela. The student are working towards achieve a GSCE in this student. The clubs runs every Friday in Walker Technology College from 14:45 to 16:45

Lets Learn more about Annabela and her Students

portugal flag  This is an interview with Annabela and the children she teaches Portuguese to. Walking into the room I felt like I was interviewing a mother hen sitting at the top of the table, with all her chicklets flocked around her. It was like walking into a beautiful family learning sessions. When she talks of her bond with the children she teaches it’s very evident by the way they are around her.



What is your favourite dish?

Something deliciously Portuguese. With Pork rice and Portuguese cabbage, which is bigger and better and just different, than British cabbage!

What has been the highlight of 2013 for you?

Teaching the children here at Walker Technology College. I love all my students, they are all special individuals. I found myself caring about them and I try so hard to be the best for them.

If you had a superhero power what would it be?

To transmit my knowledge to all the children.

Sophia interjected at this point to say, that her power would be to jump into the bodies of other people to feel exactly what it’s like to be them. Not just how they feel but to understand exactly what it’s like to be someone else. A little creepy Sophie. Especially since it sounds like you’ve given a great deal of thought to this. Urgh I feel as if Sophia is looking into my soul while I write this in the cold Millin hall.

Catarina walks in late to the Portuguese lesson. Annabela the Mother hen fluffed her feather to ask.

Why did you miss today’s lesson?

Erm.. well I had to help my Aunty.

“Oh Catarina” the group signed along with Annabela “You always have an excuse”

She laughs and graciously takes her place among Annabella’s chicklets.

How many children do you have?

I have one son, who is 23 years old, and he is my greatest achievement.

What is your beauty regime, because you always come in looking so beautiful?

Well, when I wake up I drink a whole glass of water with my pills. Followed by 3 coffees, it’s my drug and also helps with my blood pressure. Before I go to bed I clean my face with baby oil, so in the morning I wash my face with lukewarm water. Then I apply my cheap foundation to protect my face.

What sports do you enjoy?

When I was young I enjoyed playing football and badminton. But now I don’t do anything I am very lazy now.

What is your favourite colour?

Firstly it has to be black as it goes with everything, then blue.

After the interview we talked a little about the Portuguese festival they would like to create. It would be for the end of the school year, but not sure where as of yet. But what I do know is that it will be full of delicious Portuguese food and drinks. With an evening filled with a mix of old and new music from Portugal. Interjected with classical films, poetry reading and maybe even a bit of drama done by the children. So I would stayed tuned to keep up date with what is happening.