Low-cost Private Education

Every individual has the right to a good education regardless of their background. There are those who are financially stable to put their children into private education, or some who live in the right catchment areas to send their children to a good school, maybe paying for private tuition after-school for that extra bit of support. But for those who are not financially stable, or are not living in the ‘right’ area, can be put at an educational disadvantage. Success4All is here to provide that extra support at a low-cost.

We are introducing a new loyalty card for parents and their children.

The cost of coming to one of our learning hub will become £2 per child after the February half term for three of our centres in the West End.

We will also be introducing a loyalty card; helping parents save more and encouraging children to attend hubs regularly – making success even more likely.

Parents can now buy 12 sessions for £20.00, saving four pounds, 24 for £40 saving £8.00 or 36 for £60 saving £12.00. The loyalty card also comes with a promotion! Introducing somebody new to a learning hub can get you up to 3 free sessions.

Join our Success4All community after this half term, the loyalty cards will take you up until mid-June, preparing the children and young people to get great results from their summer exams, all at a low-cost!

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