FAQ’s from Parents – How can I keep my child learning over the summer holidays?

The school year is coming to an end, and everyone is looking forward to the summer holiday break. At this time, we would love to leave our brains in the classroom however, this is the perfect time for children to channel their minds into learning new topics. We encourage parents to help their children to access useful resources like the internet on websites like www.bbc.co.uk where they will be able to access learning materials to support them in next school year. They range from games, to mini-tests, activities, information and worksheets to explore in their own time.


Another great educational material is books which children can access at the local Library, online or even at home. There may be a particular series of books that interests them or genre which could open up their minds to new ideas and thoughts.  A good book is like a good film.


Another great way is learning with other people. At Success4All, we run Learning Hubs and Clubs throughout the year. During the summer holiday, we will be running a Summer School again for children aged 5-16, for 3 weeks from July till mid-August. This year’s theme is STEM Around the World. we will be organising activities around science, engineering, technology, history and foreign languages, alongside other activities such as sports, dance, arts and crafts, gardening and trips out.

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