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Should it matter the area in which you were born?
In a highly developed country such as the UK there are children and young people that are financially and digitally excluded from equal chances in education.

Your donation will give access to the Internet, a tutor and learning resources for an underprivileged child or young person in Newcastle.

General Donations

  • Just £20 a month will provide one child, with a friendly peer tutor, internet connection and safe learning environment.
  • Just £20 a month equates to on average 24 hours of tutoring and 8 hours of clubs.


If you are a business wanting to get involved with supporting our cause, here is how you can support a child or a volunteer.

  • It costs £240.00 per year to support a child or a young person. Over the past 10 years, we have worked with 2659 people. That is on overage 266 people per year.
  • It costs £375.00 per year to recruit, train and provide a placement for a volunteer. Over the past 10 years we have worked with 828 volunteers. That is on average 83 volunteers per year.

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