Deutsch Verein

The children and young people’s presentation’s marked by the end of our German Club that ran this year.

Two volunteers from Newcastle University studying came to us with their German language talents! We helped them set up the club at our Bentinck Learning Hub. Six of the children and young people took up the opportunity to learn a new language.


To show off their new knowledge, they made power point presentations about who they are, what they like, their family and their favourite football team which they had to present to the others and the volunteers in German! They were excellent and we are very proud of them taking on a new language!


The communities that we support are diverse and there is a huge mix of different native tongues. We support a huge amount of children and young people when English is a second language and also embrace different languages and cultures through clubs, or one-on-one tuition during the Learning Hubs.

If you are interested in volunteering as a Language Club Leader then please contact

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