Clubs not just hubs!

Success4All runs learning hubs where children and young people can share information and teach each other, study independently, or receive one-on-one tuition with our peer tutors/befrienders. However, we also offer learning clubs during the learning hub session times. S4A staff members and volunteers develop learning clubs based on the preferences of the children that attend. Using their own specific skills and talents the peer tutors/befrienders decide on a club which S4A help build that matches the needs and wants of the children. We have various successful clubs that we run that we do not want to go unseen!

The West End Young Digital Artist (WEYDA) club, the Young Writers club and language clubs have been running for several years and we are happy to be adding new additions this year ran by two new staff members; The Junior Apprentice and Journalism Club.

The young writers club has been going on for the past four years and we have produced some truly amazing stories, all courtesy of the learning hub children. Every Young Writers Club spans over 8-10 weeks, where the kids work towards producing a book full of stories. They develop and create their own characters, places, and plot lines, from people and places that they have come across. Or sometimes they just make them up entirely! They write their own stories by hand, and then type them up later, this way they keep up their penmanship and also increase their typing skills. They design either a front cover or a picture to go with their story, at the end all the stories are compiled, along with a front cover, foreword and contents page and made into a book which we present in a small ceremony to the children along with family and friends.

WEYDA are a group of children who are interested in all things digital. The group are given a project each year, last year they created a film about their West End Heroes, and this year they are revolving their projects around the issue of Loan Sharks in their community. They are currently working on a cartoon strip about how to spot potential loan sharks to produce a comic book.

One of our young volunteers, who is now are a member of staff, was granted funding for her idea of The Junior Apprentice by vInspired Cashpoint. vInspired is a charity that offers young people the chance to lead their own project, please see more at The Junior Apprentice idea was influenced from the TV programme The Apprentice. Children from all learning hubs will be given the chance to design their own product, make it, and sell it. The message that this learning club aims to achieve is the notion of deferred gratification. Some of the children come in week in and week out, and we do not want the children to lose sight of why their efforts and dedication to their education is so important. Although there will be competition between the learning hubs, the money raised will not be to award the winner a prize, but will be re-invested into the project until they are able to gain something big. This experience will hopefully teach the children that if they work hard in school now, there will be benefits later on in life. The project will also develop their skills, such as design, persuasion, organisation, budgeting and team work. We are currently two weeks into the project, the first ‘series’ of this will last for the duration of this term.

At the beginning of next year Success4All are planning to create a magazine for all of our learning hubs.  After a quick survey of what the kids wanted, it became clear that quite are interested to be involved in designing, editing, writing and interviewing. This is something we are now looking into and trying to get funding for, so that it can be an active club that would allow the children to travel and interview people to get the all-round journalist experience.

The clubs are very important to us at Success4All, not only do we want to support them with their school work, but we want to offer them the opportunity to gain extra skills. The children in the clubs work together to produce something they can be proud of at the end of it.  Our learning hubs are based in the community, and the clubs give the children a chance to communicate more with one another on top of one-to-one tuition with peer tutors/befrienders which helps towards that community atmosphere.

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