And the Regional Winner of the North East goes to . . .

Regional winner

In our Learning Hubs, we give the young people who have been attending the Learning Hub themselves an opportunity to use their knowledge to help the younger ones. Our Young Volunteers can spend their time doing their own educational activities, as well as Peer Tutoring. They are trained to be Peer Tutors and become eligible to gain an AQA Level 3 Accreditation. This way, the young people are not only improving their success at school, but are looking into the future and gaining different skills.

We have had great interested from children to become Young Volunteers and they are extremely helpful during the Learning Hubs and have become role models to the others. So when it came to nominating a ‘Best Young Volunteer’ for the vInspired National Awards 2014, our Blakelaw Learning Hub Co-ordinator nominated the Young Volunteer Olivia straight away.

regional winner 1

Olivia grew in confidence every week as a volunteer, was able to help the younger ones of the Learning Hub and relate to them really well. The nomination resulted in her winning the Regional Winner of the North East Award and she got invited to go to London with the rest of the winners for the celebration.

We believe in ‘Young People Learning from Each Other’ – and Olivia has proved the motto right!

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