The impulse to setting up Success4All was born from a need in the founders’ own community group, the Nigerian Christian Fellowship.  It also has its foundation on the need, perceived by a teacher, for study and homework support in areas, marked by low academic achievement and where, many underprivileged children live.  They had either, no personal space, no access to a computer, very little support from parents and self-limiting beliefs.

The idea of engaging university students as volunteer tutors and mentors grew out of her teaching experience, that young people were actually excellent at teaching each other, provided the right environment was created for them. We, therefore, wanted to create an open environment in which there would be no stigma attached to ‘not knowing’ or ‘not being good at something’.

Two Learning Hubs were set up, one in the East End of Newcastle (Byker) and one in the West End of Newcastle (Benwell).

Student Community Action Newcastle (SCAN) of the University of Newcastle was very supportive of the project and provided the first seven volunteers. The volunteers received induction training in tutoring, aspects of mentoring and safeguarding and they were CRB-checked.  Even though, the two learning hubs initially only ran for 3 months, 33 children and young people registered for study support and came regularly.  Following its success, Going for Success c.i.c. ( later changed to Success 4 All c.i.c) was born in September 2006, as a student-run social enterprise providing tailored educational services to young people, community groups and schools. In October 2006, we gained a contract from Connexions to deliver these services.  Another Learning Hub was set up, this time in a secondary school in Walker (Walker Technology College).  We also set up a service level agreement with SCAN, through which we could share our skills and services.

We soon learned that the summer time for many of our youngsters were long times of being bored and of intellectual regression, so in 2007, we organised our first Summer School and then followed spontaneously, the creation of other clubs using their skills and talents.

Since then, we have worked in 14 schools, 3 libraries, 3 community centres delivering 25 clubs & workshops, 6 summer schools, one-to-one tuition and intensive revision days.

We have offered language clubs and exam preparation in the following languages:  French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Portuguese and Japanese.

We managed 4 youth-led art projects:  making wooden African games, creating a glass mosaic entrance panel for a community centre, carving wooden wall hangings for a new school building and producing a film on West End Heroesand developing cartoon figures of heroes for a comic.

We have become an approved provider of the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation,  a recognised centre for AQA and OCN North East and an approved provider for alternative education with Newcastle Children’s Services. Our services have been part of an OFSTED inspection in 2009, 2010 and 2011 and part of the Joint Area Review by Children Services of Newcastle City in 2007.

 Past Projects, Facts & Figures

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Past Projects

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