A Very Important Interview with Sophie and Therese

Let’s get to know you Club Leaders in Ten Questions:



1)      So….. what are your names?

Sophie and Therese J


2)      What are you both doing at this exact moment while answering my difficult questions?

Sat on the sofa with the TV on drinking tea and coffee J


3)      Which club do you both run?

The after school German club J


4)      When and where does it run?

The club runs on Wednesday evenings at 4:30 pm in the Bentinck Residents Association.


5)      So who would win in a thumb war between you?

Definitely Therese…because Sophie has short thumbs!


6)      What interests you about the subject you teach?

Therese is half German so has always had an interest in the language. Sophie is really interested in German culture and thinks that the language sounds really nice!


7)      If you both had £48.57 what would you spend it on?

Sophie would spend it on food from M&S and some new flat shoes! Therese would spend it on lots of can of coca-cola!


8)      Did either of you have a nickname at school, if so why. If not can you make a nickname for each please?

Sophie’s was Sofa or Soph because it was just her name shortened. Therese’s was Marry Therese (because her full name is Marie-Therese) and all the boys used to mess around saying “James marry Therese” because they thought it was funny!


9)      What was the last film you both went to see?

Anchorman 2…it was really funny J


10)   What was your favourite subject at school and why?

Therese’s favourite subject at school was music because she likes to sing and play the clarinet. Sophie’s favourite subject was classics because she liked the stories and her teacher was hilarious which made it really easy to learn!


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